About Hippo’Thèse

Hippo’Thèse is an association created in 2001, composed of around 10 organizing members. There is no need to be a member to take part in the association activities.

It brings together and animates the community of junior researchers working in the field of life and medical sciences. In particular, the association reaches the 750 doctoral candidates of the Doctoral School 62 of Aix-Marseille University, as well as the contract researchers (“postdocs”) and the master students interested in the PhD.

The association has 4 main missions:

  • Federate the local community of junior researchers.
  • Support the junior researchers asking for our help. Learn more.
  • Improve the status of the PhD within the academic and private sectors.
  • Facilitate the professional continuity of junior PhDs.

Hippo’Thèse organizes monthly social events as well as 2 major annual events: the scientific congress of the Doctoral School and a Forum for Junior Researchers (the “Hippo’thesis Day”). Learn more.

Also, the association is involved in the PhD representation at the Doctoral Council of the Doctoral School. It supports the PhD representatives in their mission. Learn more.

Similarly, the recognition of the PhD as a professional experience and the doctoral candidates as workers who should benefit from the working rights cannot be done at the local levels. Therefore, the association is represented at the French Confederation of Junior Researchers (CJC). Few Hippo’Thèse members take part in the activities of the CJC. Learn more.

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