Organized events

  • Afterlabs

Each month, Hippo’Thèse organizes a social event in a bar or at the beach during the evening. The goal is to bring together the junior researchers.

  • Hippo’Thèse Day / Forum of Junior Researchers

Hippo’Thèse has been organizing for 10 years an event to gather junior researchers and inform about professional continuity after the PhD. For the 2019 edition, Hippo’Thèse had set up round tables, stands for partners as well as talks and workshops to work on national issues related to the PhD. As such, the member associations of the Confederation of Junior Researchers were invited.

  • Symposium of the Doctoral School

With the support of the Doctoral School, Hippo’Thèse organizes a scientific symposium lasting two days every year. The 2nd-year doctoral candidates present their work with a talk or a poster to their colleagues.

The best poster and the best oral are awarded by a jury made of 1st- and 3rd-year doctoral candidates. Hippo’Thèse organizes this jury.

Symposium awards